Add textbox with header

  • Click on the "+" in the text field
  • Select Insert heading

Change header type
  • Select the 3 dots
  • Select "Update header symbol"
  • Select the type of header you want. It is possible to add more symbols and colors to the headers in the admin. tool.

Edit textbox header - move or delete textbox

  • Show duration: tell the duration of the task if that is important.
  • Align textbox vertically: adjust the textbox to the media frame
  • Add safety symbol
  • Add text symbol to text or to the header
  • Move the textbox up or down by using the arrows
  • Remove the textbox header: removes the header from the textbox and leaves the textbox
  • Remove the textbox: removes the textbox with the header

Add textbox without header

  • Select Insert textbox
  • Edit the textbox by using the 3 dot menu