Add a HSE symbol from the symbol library:

  • Click on the 3 dots in the header
  • Select Add safety symbol

  • Or use the "+" in the text field

  • Choose "Add safety symbol"

  • Click on the "+"

  • Choose symbol - double click to select or select OK

  • Add tool tip if you want
  • Add link if you want
  • Select OK


  • To remove the safety symbol line, choose the 3 dots in the header line, and choose "Remove safety symbols"

To select multiple symbols at the same time: 

  • Tic off "Mulitselect" in the top left 
  • Select the wanted symbols - you can also select symbols from other tabs in the same operation
  • OK

To remove a symbol hoover the mouse over it and click the cross to delete

Show disabled symbols

  • Click on the symbol and disable it
  • OK

It can be useful to use a standard for PPE where the standard PPE is set up in the same order for all documents. Then you can use the disable function to show what is mandatory and what is not.