The person whom shall verify or approve a document can choose to send it back to the author for further work.

This can be done from the document or from the document folder.

If the setting in the admin.tool is set to all verifiers / approvers can verify / approve documents, then everyone with the permission ca send a document back to author.

It the setting is set to only verifier / approver can verify / approve documents, then the document can be sent back from the specific verifier / approver.

From the document:

Select and open the document. The status must be "for verification" or "in-approval"

Choose send back to author in the menu the upper right corner:

From the document folder:

  • Select the document.  The status must be "for verification" og "in-approval"
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Choose send back to author

The author will get an e-mail notification that the document is sent in return.

Add a message to the author to describe why the document is sent back. The message will be a part of the e-mail.