RamBase QMS has a function to make the Walk observe communicate (WOC) process easy and effective. 


In short, WOC is a function for checking and evaluating the execution of a process or a procedure or the process/procedure itself. It is available for any document but is designed for operating procedures. 


To start performing a WOC, from inside an document, go to the Context menu (the three dots) at the top right of the page and select Start WOC.


This will lead to the following: 

  • Observation fields above the procedure document will appear: A field for Observer (the one starting the WOC is set as default and cannot be edited) and a mandatory field to add one or more Observed persons
  • A grey Cancel button will appear at the top and bottom right
  • A grey WOC area will appear to the right of the procedure. In this section there is a Checkbox and Plus symbol to add actions for each section/step of the procedure 
  • Below the document, a section called Generic WOC checklist will appear. This is a general list, to be added to all WOCs.  


A process/procedure may have several sections, which may contain one or more steps (checkpoints). Each step in the procedure must be added as a separate text box if it should be a separate checkpoint. (Read more about adding text boxes in documents here.)


If it is not necessary to have one checkpoint per step, everything could be written into one text box, if preferred. The whole section will then be one checkpoint. Each checkpoint will consist of one Checkbox and a Plus symbol to add actions. 


Evaluation checkbox

The checkbox has the following alternatives: 

  • OK (The checkbox will be marked green with a tick)
  • Not OK (The checkbox will be marked red with an x) 
  • NA (The checkbox will be marked dark grey with a -)
  • Empty 


Tap on the relevant checkbox to select the appropriate alternative for each section/step of the procedure. 

  • OK (One tap on the checkbox).
  • Not OK (Two taps on the checkbox) 
  • NA (Three taps on the checkbox)
  • Empty 



When doing a WOC, it is possible to add one or more actions to each section/step of the process/procedure. To add a new or existing action, tap on the plus symbol for the section/step under evaluation. Choose Existing action if relevant. If not, fill in information for the new action. Most of the information has been suggested by the system but is open for editing. All 7 fields are mandatory:  

  • Title
  • Responsible
  • Description
  • Due date 
  • Type action
  • Category - Geographical area
  • Close - description


Finally, tap Create action to register the action. Repeat the process to add more actions. The Plus symbol will have a number by it, indicating how many actions that are connected to the specific section/step of the procedure. 


Generic WOC checklist 

At the bottom, each company may add a generic section with one or more evaluation criteria/overall steps, that will be added to all WOCs. These checkpoints are handled in the same way as the other checkpoints in the WOC. 



At the bottom, there are different options to add attachments:

  • Add media
  • Upload file
  • Add URL
  • Add existing document


Cancel/Complete WOC

The WOC may be cancelled by tapping the Cancel button located to the right above and below the grey WOC area. After selecting Observed persons, the Cancel button will transform to a deactivated Complete WOC button. To cancel the WOC after this, go to the Context menu (the three dots) at the top right of the page and select To document. The Complete WOC button will be activated when all checkpoints are marked OK, Not OK or NA.


Adding or editing the Generic WOC checklist

It is possible to add a generic checklist to WOC’s. Adding or editing a generic checklist requires an Admin role. To add a Generic WOC checklist, go to the Na menu in the top left corner, select Admin tools, then Data sets. Finally, click WOCs. Add checkpoints via the blue Add checkpoint button and use drag and drop to place them up in the preferable order. To edit or delete a checkpoint, select the Context menu (the three dots) belonging to the specific checkpoint and select Edit or Delete. NB! The checkpoints added to the generic checklist will show in all WOC’s performed.