DEVIATION statuses

DEVIATION statusDescription


The deviation is registered by a user that observes something that need to be improved.

In the registration step all metadata is set for the deviation: 

  • Type
  • Categories
  • Consequences
  • Injury types
  • Potential consequences with evaluation of the risk

Waiting for processing

After registration the deviation is sent to processing to a responsible person. The status until the responsible person has started the processing is waiting for processing.


Processing means finding the root cause to be able to find good actions. 

In the processing step you also set the cause categories.


When a deviation is processed and you have added actions, the status of the deviation is open. 

The status is open as long as the action(s) is (are) open.


The status for the deviation is closed when the action(s) is (are) closed.

For deviations without actions,it is possible to close the deviation manually.

ArchivedDeviations can also be archived as long as they have no open actions attached.

ACTION statuses

ACTION statusDescription
RegistrationThe action can be registered as a part of a deviation or as a single action. In the registration step you register what, who and when and also categories.
OpenWhen the action is sent to a responsible person, the action status is set to open.
Waiting for evaluationWhen the action is done, and if you have said yes to evaluation of the action, the status changes to waiting for evaluation.
ClosedAfter evaluation is done or the action is done without evaluation, the actions status is closed.
ArchivedAn action can be archived if the action is done.