Competence reports can be found under the main menu, "Reports" and "Competence."

This is the main page for competence reports:

You can choose global filter for the main report page for competence.

Example: This means that you can select a department (in the filter tab) and see the competence overview for that specific department. 

Click on Week - Month - Year to get the numbers for the specific time frame:

Documents read

How many documents are signed for read and understood for the chosen time frame.

Status - all users

All = the number of all users registered in the system

Green user = user who has signed for all documents in his/ her roles.

Yellow user = user who has documents to be read within a time limit.

Red user = user who has document to be read and the time limit is expired.

User with no status = user without roles

Documents co-signed

The number of documents that has been co-signed within the chosen time frame.

Status - all roles

Coming soon!

Roles added

The number of new roles made into the system within the chosen time frame.

Read status - all documents

Coming soon!