Company site settings can be found under "Amdin tools" and "Site"

General site settings:
  • Background logo color: select background logo color by clicking on the square.

  • Site logo: Add your company logo to the site by clicking on the QMS logo.
  • Select file
  • Click "UPDATE"

  • Site name: add your company's name to the system by writing over QMS

  • Which special user is allowed: select if public user or guest user is allowed or none of them. You can only choose one of them:

  • Public user: The user is a member of the permission group "Public" and can see documents without logging in. If you want to share a document or deviation, action, the document need to have the permission "public user". Documents need to be actively shared with one or more users. The public user is only available for asp-solutions.
  • Guest user: The guest user is a member of the the permission group "All users".
    If "guest user" is enabled, anyone who open the QMS-application can see approved documents with the permission "guest user" without logging in.

    The difference between the public user and the guest user is the different permission group. You can only choose one of the special user at the time.

NB! When Guest user is chosen, the QMS site ( will be open to all users using the Url.

  • Allow custom colors: Decide if it should be allowed to use custom colors or a standard set of colors in documents. You can add color to match your company's visual layout in the tab "Color Scheme"