System administrator can change the responsible person for documents from next version of the documents.

This means that notifications for revisions or feedback will be sent to the new responsible person.

The first person will still show as responsible as long as the version is valid.

It is possible to change for one document or multiple documents (bulk change)

  • Select the document(s)
  • Select the 3 dots in the top menu
  • Select change responsible

You can see who is responsible by selecting the document properties of a document

  • Add new author / verifier / approver for the document(s)
  • Click "Change Responsible"

Clear next responsible in selected documents

  • Select this option if you want to remove the responsible person which is select for the next version.

Change responsible before archiving or deleting a user

If you want to archive or delete a user who is responsible for a document, you will be given a choice to change the responsibility when archiving / deleting. In this case, all the documents are transferred to the same user. If you want to choose who will be responsible, use the "Change responsible" functionality.


An employee with responsibility for documents (author, verifier, approver) will leave the company and shall therefore be archived. The document responsibility must be distributed to several people.

  1. Search documents where the user is author
  2. Select documents you want to change author. "Change responsiblity" for the selected documents.
  3. Do the same for documents where the user is verifier or apporver. Include status "in verification" and "in approval"

Then archive the user. If you now get an option to substitute responsible, this is for documents you have not already replaced.