When you archive a user the following will happen:

  • Username and password are deactivated
  • Registration of reading documents will remain in the system
  • If the user is an author, verifier or approver, you will have to replace the user

How to archive:

  • Select user
  • Click on 3 dots on Actions
  • Select Archive

  • Choose substitute


  • Click "Archive User"

The user will now disappear from the list.

You can find archived user by clicking Archived.

Restore archived user:

  • Click on Archived
  • Select user
  • Click on 3 dots under Actions, next to the relevant user
  • Select Restore

The user is now activated and has the same permission groups and roles as before. You need to make sure that this is correct or change it.

The username is the same, but you must set a new password.