The cause analysis process:

Cause analysis?

First you decide if you need to/want to make a cause analysis.

Click YES or NO to the question on the right

Causal analysis: NO

If you choose NO to causal analysis, you can:

  • add actions
  • close the deviation directly without actions

If you still want to perform a causal analysis, click "+" next to "no causal analysis" and perform it.

If you select NO you will be asked to add a comment. If a comment is added, it will show in the deviation overview, and in the log, as the rest of the comments:

Cause analysis YES

You can now:

  • Set causes without why-why
  • Perform a why-why-analysis

Set causes without why-why

  • Click on Complete analysis
  • Select cause categories


  • Click on the first Why
  • Add cause and save
  • Click on next Why
  • Add cause and save
  • Make a cause tree
  • Click on the action symbol to add actions
  • The action will show beside the cause and also in the side panel
  • Click on Complete analysis
  • Select cause categories - you have to select one cause category per root cause

Finish analysis

Click on "Complete analysis" and the deviation will change status to Open.