The RamBase Business Management Suite (RamBase ERP and RamBase QMS) Portal is a platform where you can share your creative and innovative ideas that can help us improve our products and services. 

We believe our customers are vital to our organization, and your insights and suggestions are invaluable. Your unique perspectives and experiences can bring fresh ideas to the table. By submitting your ideas, you have the opportunity to shape the future of our system.

Submitting an idea is easy, simply visit our Ideas Portal, and share your thoughts with us. You can also see other ideas submitted by your fellow partners and provide feedback to help refine their ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not log in to the Ideas Portal?

In order to be able to log in, you should have been sent an invitation email and accepted. If you believe you have been invited but cannot find the email, please check your junk folder. The invitations are aimed at super users and process owners. Should you not fall under one of these but still have a great idea for an enhancement, we encourage you to ask one of your super users to submit it on behalf of your company.

What language should I use for registering ideas?

English is the main language in RamBase Business Management Suite, so all ideas must be written in English. Users from all over the world will then be able to understand your suggestion, track the idea, and follow any discussions/comments.

What to submit?

It doesn't matter if your idea is big or small, we welcome all suggestions. We love to receive ideas for new business requirements, ideas for enhancement of the system request, ideas for new features or other ideas for product improvements. 

What not to submit?

The portal is for new ideas and feedback. Before you submit your idea, we suggest you to review already submitted ideas as they might have already been registered by someone. In that case, you can cast your vote and add pertinent information by commenting. You can also track somebody else’s idea by clicking the ribbon in the upper right-hand corner of the idea. If there are issues with the system, things that are not working or bugs, please send us a ticket through the support portal, and not the ideas portal. 

Who can submit an idea?

Innovation is not limited to a specific team or department. It is a collective effort, and we need everybody to help bring fresh ideas to our organization.

We encourage super users, process owners and alike to submit ideas. We want to ensure that the ideas provided are aligned within your organization and prioritized based on the value they would bring. Therefore, we aim to only have one user per company in the Ideas Portal.

What is a good idea?

There are no bad ideas! But badly described ideas will not be prioritized. 

The more information you give us, the better! When submitting an idea, answer the three mandatory questions with as much detail as possible. The more information, the better our team can prioritize the different suggestions. 

What is a value driver, and why is it important? 

A value driver is a factor that increases the worth of the idea. The higher the value driver, the stronger the business case will be compared to others.


  • Cost relief - What expenses are you incurring that could be reduced or eliminated? 
  • Productivity gains - What time savings will be realized by your employees? 
  • Revenue generation - What revenue increase will be generated? 
  • Risk mitigation - What risks will be minimized or avoided? 

What happens with the idea after submission? 

Our team will review every submission and give feedback, so you can be confident that your voice is heard.

You can track other ideas by pressing the track ribbon on the detailed view of an item. Note: Own ideas are automatically tracked, and the user receives email updates when the status changes. 

What do the different statuses mean?

  • New - the idea has yet to be looked at
  • Rejected - the idea is not currently being considered for our roadmap. 
  • Gathering interest – this status is set so that others can review and indicate they have the same need by voting.
  • More information required - the idea needs further clarification or more details to evaluate the item properly.
  • Future (18+ months) - the idea is not on the roadmap, but it will be an input for further development.
  • Being evaluated – the idea is up for analysis and evaluation for roadmap entry. 
  • Planned -the idea is planned for the roadmap, and the team will likely reach out for further collaboration.
  • In progress - the idea is in development. 
  • Released - the idea has turned into a solution and has been set into action.