Document control settings can be found under "Admin tools" and "Variables".

  1. Revision active ON/OFF: ON means that the green, yellow or red field showing, if the documents are expired or not, is ON. OFF means that these fields are all grey.
  2. Default revision duration: select the default duration (in years) for revisions. This can be set per document when you approve the document

  3. Revision notify - default ON/OFF: ON: notification is sent when revision is approaching. OFF: no notification.

  4. Default revision notification: When shall the document turn yellow as a sign for revision is approaching (select default number of months) .

  5. Default must read within: For how many days should the document be yellow for users who has the document in a role. This is default setting. Can be set per document.

  6. Notify when document need to be read - default selected ON/OFF: ON: User with document in role gets notification for reading document as default. OFF: User with document in role do not get notification for reading document as default. Can be changed per document.

  7. Documents valid for unlimited ON/OFF: ON: Documents can be valid for unlimited as a choice for revision interval. OFF: all documents need to have a revision date, unlimited is not an option.

  8. Significant update - default ON/OFF: When updating a document the significate update is ON / OFF as default. Can be changed per document.

  9. Send notification for revision ("yellow") to Author - Verifier - Approver: Decide who shall have the notification for revision of a document. Can be the author, verifier or approver, all 3 of them or 2 of them.

  10. Reminder for verifier and approver - default selected ON/OFF: ON: When you send a document to verification or approval the system will send reminder as a default if the document is not verified or approved within the time limit. For time limit, see no. 11.

  11. Days to reminder for verifier and approver - default: Choose default time limit for reminding of verification and approval of a document. 

  12. Verification ON/OFF: Verification OFF means that you send a document (under construction) to approval without using the verification stage. This is set for the site and not per document.