Edit role properties

  • Select the role (bold)
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Edit properties
  • Change name or
  • Edit "default for department, All internal, All external" (if required)
  • Click "UPDATE"

Add or remove requirement to roles

  • Select the requirement you want to add or remove
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Click "Edit properties"

  • Select tab "Attach to roles"
  • Select the relevant role and add (→) or delete (trash bin)
  • Click "CLOSE"

  • The message "Requirement attached to roles successfully OK" appears.

Move a role

If you want to move a role to another department, click and drag the role.

If you move a role that has default department checked, this will be removed when moving.

Delete a role

  • Select the role
  • Click on 3 dots
  • Delete (trash bin)
  • Choose Delete if you are certain