There are 3 different types of symbols in the system used in QMS type documents . The system has some default symbols but you can add more symbols yourself if you want. You can also add standard links to symbols, to ensure the same link is opened every time.

If you want to add a symbol the format should be .png or .svg

  1. HSE symbols - used in documents to describe warnings, what is mandatory and prohibited and other safety information. 
  2. Header symbols - symbols used in headings
  3. Text symbols - symbols used as a part of a text field

To add or administrate symbols you need to be a system administrator.

You find the symbols by selecting:

  • Admin tools
  • Symbols

Standard links to symbols

System Administrator can add standard links to a symbol. This means that every time someone uses the specific symbol, the same link is used.

Under symbols in the variables chose the menu (3 dots) and add a link (to an URL, internal anchor, etc.):

Fixed links for symbols

Standard links can be overwritten by an author when the symbol is used in a document. System administrator can now make this link permanent (not editable) by selecting "Insert permanent link"

Replace symbols

It is possible to replace symbols with an existing symbol. If you have used a manual added symbol (all types) and want to replace it with another of the already used symbols, you can do that:

  •  selecting the symbol in admin. tool (3 dot menu) 
  • select delete 
  • select replace
  • choose the symbol you want to use
  • click Replace