The notification bell informs about:
  • something that needs to be done: verify, approve - Red symbol
  • reports that is downloaded - Red symbol
  • information about documents, deviations or actions- Yellow symbol

Read All information: Will sign out all the information notifications.

The red number shows things you need to do and will be signed out when it is done or is signed manually. 


  1.  Reports notifications stay until users delete them    
  2.  Notifications about verify/approve: They stay until document are verified/approved. Then they disappear automatically from the list. Same for co-signing    
  3.  Feedback notification stays until user delete it    
  4.  Notification about updated permissions stay until user remove it    
  5.  Notification about a document has been verified/approved stay until user remove it    
  6.  Document has new responsible shall stay until user remove it    

The numbers on the bell:

  1.  When you open the bell, numbers for notification about feedback, reports and updated permissions will go away in the count    
  2.  Number regarding verification/approval and co-signing stays until document is verified/approved, then removed from the count    
  3.  Document has new responsible shall be gone when seen it

This means that the red number DOES NOT show every post in the notification list, but only those notifications not seen and/or those documents that are not approved/verified (even though seen).